Useful Tips For Struggling Students: A School Homework Planner

Struggle when supported by little help can make the homework easy and interesting. Struggling is good but it should not be stretched so much that students start losing interest in their job. Instead, an organized homework planner prepared by experience people can be highly encouraging and helps them to accomplish their task before time with optimal interest.

A school homework planner should be a perfect blend of demonstrations, organization, snack breaks and play breaks.

Check out some highly useful tips for struggling students

  1. Do not linger on: Allot specific time for the work. It set ups your mindset and you are motivated to finish the research avoiding stress all the time.
  2. Allot same place: Gather all your study material before you begin your assignment including stationery items and then begin your work. It will save much of your time.
  3. Finish hard homework first: Students have good concentration at the beginning and hence even if they become tired, they can easily finish easy homework with optimum ease later on. Take a break if it has become a herculean task, it reenergizes.
  4. Assistance: If assignment has become too difficult, do not hesitate to seek assistance of your elder brothers, sisters or parents.
  5. Long term projects that require more time and innovation: Choose weekend mornings and evenings and talk with your friends, classmates and involve other experienced people, if required. Collect all the required materials beforehand to save time and inform everybody in advance.
  6. Minimize distractions: Stay away from loud music, cell phones, television, outside guests and useless talks. These are all time engaging and do time loss.
  7. Let them complete homework on their own: Helping is good but that does not mean that parents start writing their assignment. It cultivates the habit of lingering making excuses like being tired, headache etc.
  8. Parents should be motivating: Parents should keep a track of their assignments and tests. They should be available to solve their queries as in person and should monitor their activities.
  9. Be a good example yourself: What you do is better example than what you teach. If you are engrosses in reading books, they tend to follow you diligently.
  10. Appreciate all their efforts: Stick a sheet on your refrigerator that states all his academic achievements and tell them to your relatives in front of him. It‘s highly motivating.
  11. Seek assistance for continual problems: Contact the class teacher if marks continue to degrade even after persistent efforts. It could be issues with attention disorder, learning issues, problem watching a back board etc. Follow these tips and alleviate struggle of your kids in their assignments.

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