The Importance Of Doing Homework In Schools: 5 Aspects To Consider

Well school is pretty exhausting for a young teen no matter what the grown ups say. You have to attend to every class, have the necessary patience to listen to every single teacher although you might not like what he is teaching, get home, study, and after all this, you still have to do you homework. Although it seems like a lot of work ( and it is ) doing your assignments is very important for a number of reasons.

  1. You understand everything better. Well practice is the best teacher. You can understand everything in class, but that is usually just the theory. And sometimes you have some exercise in class done together with your teacher, and that will help, but at home you get to do those exercises without outside help, which makes you use your brain at full capacity regarding that problem and you understand how you can apply what you have learned much easier.

  2. Better grades. If you do all your homework you will exercise more, respond more in class and you will get better grades. The teacher might want to check on that day everybody’s homework and whoever hasn’t done it gets an F. Now that is something you could call bad luck if someone hasn’t done their assignments exactly that day, and the big problem is you never know if they want to do it or not before class. So making sure you do your homework will ensure something like this won’t happen to you.

  3. Tests. Well if you have other students in your class that haven’t done their homework, when it’s time for a test they will probably know the theory but they won’t really have a clue on how to apply it. You on the other hand have already done something like this at home alone and you have succeeded so you will be more prepared and more confident on yourself than any other student.

  4. Recap. Well you basically recapitulate everything you have learned in class when you do your homework, and that will make the information “stick” better.

  5. Teacher. Your teacher will be very pleased with you, they like to see a student who is interested in their work and they are doing their job as a student properly without any excuses or any other things that they invent just so they don’t their homework.

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