What To Do If Homework Brings Stress: Expert Advice

If your homework is bringing you stress there are multiple things you can do to help alleviate that stress. It is important to note that stress can be good or bad. Good stress is the kind that motivates you. This can include being late for something and the stress of potentially missing your deadline being a motivating factor to work or it can also include situations such as stress associated with potentially failing a class or letting down your teacher and that functioning as your motivation to work. Bad stress is the kind which is so debilitating that the simple thought of failing or of not meeting your deadline causes you to avoid finishing the work or to sit and worry constantly instead of taking action.

If you are experiencing bad stress you need to be able to overcome that and you can overcome it with the following tips and tools:

  • So if the stress you are experiencing is bad stress one of the first things you can do to fix it is to visualize your stress as good stress. You want to tell yourself in a meditative style that the stress you are feeling is good stress and that you will use it as a motivator. Sometimes simply telling yourself that the negative feelings you have are actually positive can help you to turn them around and to gain from them.

  • The next thing you can do if your stress is the bad kind of stress is to take all of your homework assignments and write them down when you have them in list form you want to then sit down and figure out which task you can complete with all the tools you have in front of you. For some students were stressed tackling the easiest assignments is beneficial because you gain a sense of accomplishment and motivation with each item you can cross off your list. So by having your list of everything you need to do and tackling the smallest elements within that list you can begin to physically cross the things off and gain momentum which allows you to go forward with the larger aspects of your tasks.

  • Peppermint tea or the burning of peppermint candles or incense is also beneficial because it will alleviate the stress you are feeling and will make it significantly easier for you to remain calm.

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