Doing 9th Grade Homework Efficiently: Things To Consider

So you’re a freshman. It’s your first year of high school and you’ve no doubt realized that expectations are changing. After all, college is approaching and if you’re like one of the thousands of students out there hoping to enter a top school, it’s important to begin focusing on your future now if you haven’t already.

Ninth grade is a huge milestone. But one thing you may be dealing with is new homework expectations. Now like middle school, you’ll have multiple teachers. However, you’ll likely have more assignments and stricter grading criteria to face up against.

How do you deal with the problem of homework? Let’s take a look.

Have a Clear Understanding of Expectations

Whether you’re supposed to write an essay or complete review questions in your textbook, it’s important to understand exactly what your teachers expect from you.

For example, what questions are you supposed to work on in your textbook? How many chapters are you supposed to read in your novel for English? Always make careful notes about the perimeters of the assignment. You’d be surprised how many students overlook this step.

Large assignments, such as a presentation project or an essay, will usually come with a rubric. This shows what the teacher is looking for and how many points you can expect to receive for correctly completing the assignment. Always pay close attention to the rubric and keep a copy on hand for when you do work like this.

Always Set Time Aside

For homework in the ninth grade, you’ll typically want to set aside about an hour or two each day to complete your homework. While this may seem daunting- after all, many students have busy schedules- getting your work done is imperative. After all, it’s a huge part of your grades. And in order to continue participating in extra curricular activities, such as band or football, you’ll need to keep your GPA up.

It helps if your work time is somewhat consistent. For example, some high-schoolers may find it helpful to get their assignments done right after they get home from school. Others might prefer to have a break before they jump in or wait until after dinner. Everyone has their own preferences. The important thing is to make sure it gets done.

Focus and Knock it Out

When working on your homework, it’s important to focus. Minimize background noise and potential distractions, such as the television or Internet.

Start with the easier assignments, such as worksheets or diagrams, and work your way up to longer and more difficult work, such as essays or lab reports. This will ensure that you have more time to focus on your essays and the like. And many students find that knocking out easier assignments first gives them the confidence and drive to power through everything else.

Homework can be a daunting thing to take care of. But keep these tips in mind and you’ll be powering through it efficiently and effectively.

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