How Long Should Homework Take: Good Advice

Homework is rarely fun, and you’d probably rather be doing something else, but it’s a vital part of schooling that you can’t avoid. Oftentimes, it feels as if it takes forever to finish it, and you may be wondering if you’re spending too much time on it. If you’re worried, spend a few minutes reading this excellent advice about how long homework should really take.

There’s no simple answer

Basically, there’s no simple answer to how long your homework should take. It depends on many things, like your age, your reading speed, the type of work you’re doing, and how much work you need to do.

It should take as long as you need to learn

That said, it’s important to remember that homework should take as long as it takes you to learn what you need to learn form it. After all, learning is the main reason teachers give students work to complete after school. So, don’t try to rush it just to finish it, rather try to learn whatever you need to learn from the assignment.

However, a basic guideline can help

As mentioned above, the time it takes you to do your work will depend on a number of different things, but there is a basic guideline that teachers follow when assigning after-school tasks. The rule states that children in 1st grade should get roughly ten minutes of homework, and that for every extra grade, they should get an additional 10 minutes. This means that by 8th grade, students should have about 80 minutes of work to complete after school. This may help you ascertain if you’re spending too much, or indeed too little, time doing schoolwork. Just remember that it’s really just a rough guideline, so it won’t always apply.

If you’re losing sleep, you’re doing too much

If you diligently start your homework soon after getting home from school, but you end up working until very late at night, you’re probably spending too much time on it. It really shouldn’t be causing you to lose sleep, so if it does, you may need to make an adjustment somewhere. Perhaps you’re not as efficient as you could be, or maybe you’re not focusing on the work properly. If you don’t think those are issues you have, you may need to speak to your teacher about how much work you’re actually getting.

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