10 Good Tips For Helping Your Child With Homework

If you have a child who is struggling with homework, there are ten good tips you can use to them them:

  1. Get them a healthy snack. Make sure it is something well balanced that contains fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This will keep them satiated for a long time.
  2. Keep them hydrated. Without hydration, it will be difficult for them
  3. to focus.
  4. Create a schedule so that they know when they are to sit down each day and do homework.
  5. When it comes time to do homework, set a timer so that they know how long they have to focus.
  6. It is important that you have them study regularly. If you were able to study a little bit each day it will actually be better for your short and long-term memory compared to cramming all of your information in on one night. It is best that you set up a regular and consistent time during which you focus on homework. You can set up one hour per day at the same time every day where all you do is work.
  7. Break things up into achievable goals so that something is accomplished each study session, giving encouragement and motivation to keep going the next day. If you have 20 vocabulary words that you must memorize you can divide them up into five vocabulary words each day. If you have 15 math questions to answer each week you can divide it up into three questions per day. Dividing up your tasks in manageable sizes like this will help your brain to retrieve the information you are learning regularly. Instead of learning a mathematic equation one time per week you force your brain to remember the mathematic equation and all of the rules related to it every single day. Doing this improves your ability to retrieve the information at a faster pace, which will help you to solidify the information from your short-term to your long-term memory and help you to perform better on tests.
  8. Be nearby in case they need help. You want to be there to answer questions, even if they are working independently.
  9. Turn off the television or the radio, and keep phone calls off until homework time is over.
  10. Ask them to show you how they learned things in class first, so that you can best copy the way the teacher taught them.
  11. Ask for guidance from their teacher.

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