The Quickest Way To Find Effective Literature Homework Assistance


Sometimes you may need to find information quickly when you are writing a thesis, dissertation or even an essay for your English Literature homework. The internet holds a wealth of information but it is not always easy to filter out the exact information that you are wishing to use. There are a few tricks to using search engines such as Google and Google Scholar that will help get the information you need quickly and easily.


For most people looking for information, google is the first place they look. This is one of the biggest search engines available on the internet and it can be hard to use it effectively in order to get the right results. Useful tips to use Google include:

  • Use quote marks in order to find an exact match. Useful to find quotes and where they are from.
  • If you know a quote but are unsure of a word in the quote, use an asterisk to replace the word and find alternative quotes.
  • Use keywords and change these around to get the information that you are looking to achieve.
  • Type in the word ‘DEFINE’ in order to get the meaning of a word and use Google like a dictionary.

Using the above tips when compiling notes for your essay, helps to get you the right information first time.


Google scholar is a specialised kind of search engine. This is designed for students to use so that they can retrieve information from thousands of scholarly articles that are online. Google scholar works by searching among the titles and the content to be able to retrieve the information that you seek. Tips to using google scholar include:

  • Using specific key words optimized for maximum results
  • Save articles to your own personal library to search through at a later date
  • The cite button allows you to obtain citations quickly and easily
  • Copy and paste the citation in the style that your college, school or university prefer

Use google scholar to get results from scholarly articles in order to enhance your essays, dissertations and thesis. Google scholar will take the hard work out of your information search for you.


Use Google search engine and Google scholar in order to get the right information for your literature essay, dissertation or thesis. Effective searches by using specific search terms will help you to get to the right information quickly and effectively. In addition, you can find citations on Google scholar that will help take time out of building bibliographies for your work.

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