How To Get An A On Your Homework - English Grammar Tips

There are several ways to improve your assignments and in the process, your grades. One of the major weaknesses and strengths of several students is their hold on English grammar. Some students have a great hold on the subject and others are not well at par when it boils down to perfection in grammar.

And if you are looking to get even close to an A on homework, you will have to make the most of the available subjects and study just in the way that you should.

English grammar happens to be the basis of most homework you will do. Even if you have good conceptual knowledge of the subject which you are studying, you cannot expect to do well consistently if you are looking to make the most of the information available on the web.

  • Keep sentences short and sharp
  • One of the first mistakes that several students tend to make is they make the sentences too long and tedious. This makes the paper look very terrible from an outside perspective. You must learn to keep the sentences both short and sharp. This will give you the much required edge over the others.

  • Use articles correctly
  • The use of articles must be done correctly. There are several students who do not use articles where they are required. Cases where articles are used redundantly are also replete. Learn the use of the definite and the indefinite article very well if you wish to score nice marks.

  • Make right use of the paragraph break
  • The paragraph break needs to be used well when you are in tune with the things that are being done at the start. There are several people that make a mess of things as far as breaking paragraphs is concerned. You should know that no sane person would like to read a wall of text.

    Break your text into small paragraphs. One line paragraphs are hip now.

  • Never miss out on the spelling
  • The spelling is a very important part of the paper that you must master well if you need to score good grades in the exams. You should also be able to make this into a habit to keep checking the spelling of the rather difficult words.

  • Keep a track of the rules
  • The very basic rules of subject-verb agreement need to be learnt well. You should make sure there is no way in which you get to overlook these. Also, make sure you are on the receiving end when these rules are already in place.

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