How To Stop Procrastinating On Summer Homework – Learn To Manage Your Time

Procrastination is one of those unhealthy habits that most students have. When the year finishes, they rush out of the school and immediately forget about their summer homework. Their hearts are overwhelmed with joy because of the upcoming holidays. It’s time to relax after a stressful school year, meet with friends, and participate in extracurricular activities. On the other hand, students feel bored and frustrated about the assignments they have to work upon independently. A couple of months seem to be enough to complete the tasks, so why not to put off doing them until a later time? This kind of thinking is typical for a procrastinator.

In order not to have problems with summer homework, students have to learn how to manage time properly. Here are some useful tips:

  • Don’t be lazy. There is time for pleasure and work.

  • Start doing things right away. Don’t wait until you are out of of time.

  • Develop a positive attitude towards summer homework. You’ll find it easier to start.

  • Choose the most convenient working environment. It has to be a quiet place without things that can distract you, including computers, mobile phones, music and television. The dining room is not suitable for doing home assignments because of noise and people talking nearby. Don’t study on your bed; you’ll fall asleep soon enough.

  • Prioritize your assignments. Make an ordered list of things to be done, starting with the most difficult ones. If you are bad at setting priorities, ask parents to help you.

  • Discover your most productive hours. This may depend upon the type of person you are, a night owl or an early riser. The majority of people are more productive in the morning when their energy is at its highest peak.

  • Determine your own studying style. It’s easier to work a little every day. If you decide to study for a long period, take small breaks.

  • Motivate yourself. Meet with friends, search the Internet or go shopping only after you have studied a certain topic.

  • Learn to say NO. For example, if you’re too busy, meet with friends another time.

  • Use an organizer to track the assignments. Work out a plan and adhere to it.

  • Make a checklist. Write down the tasks on a separate piece of paper. Cross out every completed assignment.

All in all the following recommendations will help any student to have brilliant summer holidays with all their assignments completed in time. Most people stop procrastinating when they learn how to manage the time effectively and start enjoying their lives.

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