Where To Look For Professional 1st Grade Math Homework Help

Homework has a number of benefits. It helps to practice or apply knowledge of what has been learned that day, check that the child has understood the lesson and show evidence of learning.

As a general rule you can expect set work of 10 minutes per year, so your 1st grade child should be given about 10 minutes of practice per night.

You are worried that your child is struggling in Math. What should you do? There’s no need to panic at this stage. The purpose of a properly set task is not only in helping the teacher see what the child has learned; it is also there to show the parents how their child is progressing. If you think your child is struggling, then it has already worked.

Firstly start with patience. At this stage, with all the new things your child has learned today that he or she has forgotten how the problem is solved even though they could do it yesterday. Explain it again, but it is his or her work, do not be tempted to do the work for them. Show them how they can look up the answers.

  • Praise their effort. They have been trying, so remain and positive in the face of the frustrated outbursts. Point out how grown-up working at home is.
  • Time Management. At this stage, you are managing their time so they can learn from the example. Always have a regular time and place for doing the tasks. For a child this young, the best time is just after school while the work is fresh in his or her mind. Have a brain-boosting snack and set to work.
  • You have done all this, and now you are sure your child needs professional help. Where can you find it? If your first impulse is to scour the internet, think again.

  • Class Teacher. If you have built up a decent relationship with the teacher beyond the PTA conferences, then the teacher is the ideal port of call for discussing your worries.
  • Ask around. Other parents may have advice on how they found help for their child.
  • Once these sources are exhausted, then search the internet.

  • Parents often post helpful ideas they have found on their social media pages.
  • University websites may post the results of their studies online with links to all the helpful resources they have found even down as far as early years.
  • There are national parent/teacher resources onli
  • ne as well.

The best way of helping your child is by staying positive and calm.

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