Free Offline Homework Help

When looking for homework help, you will find many resources on and offline. Many of the resources are paid, and some people cannot afford the fees. This article has a list of 4 trusted, offline homework help resources.

4 Trusted Offline Homework Help Resources

  • The most trusted source is your own parents. They may not be able to help with all subjects, but they won’t charge you to help you with what they do know. If they have the time and knowledge, they will usually be more than happy to help you increase your academic success. They often have expectations for your grades and won’t shy away from helping you reach those expectations.
  • If your parents aren’t knowledgeable, you can reach out to your older siblings or friends. It’s possible an older sibling or a friend has taken the class you’re taking previously. They may even be in the same class but have a better understanding of the information. A good idea would be to set up a weekly study group with your friends and classmates. The group can pull on each other’s strengths and together can find the answers to assignment questions.
  • Most schools from elementary to college-level have professional, and student tutors for those who need help with assignments. Some programs are costly to the school but free for students. Of course, since these programs are free, it’s likely you will have to book appointments well in advance. There may also be a waitlist. Elementary schools also often have after-school programs for parents who work beyond school hours and cannot afford day-care. These programs provide a safe place for your child to stay after school. They often have a “homework time” and the staff is available to help students when necessary.
  • The best resource is your teacher. Your teacher will be able to clarify any assignment instructions or point you in the direction of free resources (books, after-school programs, etc.) to help you complete your assignments. In some cases, your teacher may even send home supplemental material, such as flashcards and workbooks to help you review past material the new material has built on. In addition to during class time, many teachers will be available before and after school to answer any questions. Some teachers will even tutor you weekly after school.

Finding help to complete assignments offline can be difficult and costly. Most people do not realize how many free resources they have access to. When in doubt, reach out to your home and school support systems. Sometimes the people closest to you can provide the best help (and for free!).

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